Featured Campaign

Client: Kilo Ropa

Country: Spain. 

Linked media: Tv, digital media and print media

Scope: Latin America

With the campaign "Levi's at 25 euros per kilo", we viralized the concept of the French franchise Kilo Ropa that opened its first store in the city of Madrid and with which we reached an audience of approximately 20 million people throughout Latin America.

Video "Madrid Directo" 

Video  EL MUNDO.

Video Telediario de la Uno de Radio Televisión Española (RTVE1) 


Platform: Esto es Medellín 

Country: Colombia

Platform of events of the city of Medellin which content is shared on Social Networks.

Integration of digital marketing strategies with a reach of +60,000 people per mont

Other Campaigns

Client: Maquillaje Permanente María C

Country: Colombia. 

Linked media: Digital virtual: Social networks, video creation and Website creation.

Scope: Local. 

Community Manager

Web page


Client: Thailand Tattoo Center

Country: Tailand.

Linked Media: Digital Print and Virtual.

Scope: Local, International.  

Collaboration with Community Media

Since 2014, we have been working in partnership with several community organizations in Comuna 11 of Medellín, including: JAC San Joaquín Bolivariana, Comuna 11 Environmental Board, Florida New Civic Committee, Comuna 11 Human Rights Roundtable, GAyA C11 Entrepreneurs and we support their work communication to strengthen their social processes.


Video Production